There is no Planet B…
This IS Planet B!

Since I can remember I have always loved the natural world of the planet.  My mum told me that I used to cry watching David Attenborough when I was as a very young age; as if I somehow knew that they were being hurt or injured by other animals or mankind.

For 13 years I was an agoraphobic and a recluse, afraid of the world and everything that was wrong with it.  It wasn’t until my younger sister passed away from a brain tumour that I started to live my life.

I started DJ’ing in 2013 and attended quite a few events and festivals as well as travelled to different countries which first caused my concern for the amount of plastic wastage. I am glad to see that a large majority are making the change to ban single use plastic at these events!

Over the last couple of years I have made more effort to be consciously aware of my plastic habits and have worked with several brands to help promote the use of reusable products.  Cutting down on using plastic straws, single use cutlery, fruit and veg wrapped in throw away plastic and the easily accessible water bottle, I have stopped using these as much as possible, to the point of handing most of them back if I am given them.

During a family trip to Florida in 2019 I fully realised the state of how willing people are to use and accept single use plastic; It was horrendous over there!  In one instance, a store would not allow us to leave without everything being in a plastic bag and just 3 to 4 items per bag, even if that item was in a recyclable tub it had to be in a plastic bag!

During the Summer of 2019 I helped out at a plastic free stall on a market where I learnt the ins and outs to running a shop before making the leap in to opening Planet B in February 2020.

Cutting single use plastic fully out of your life isn’t easy, it is a big commitment and even I struggle on occasion – I am human after all.

Remember, plastic hasn’t been around for that long, clingfilm became a thing in the 1980s and my mum remembers life before it and she is not that old! So if we lived without it before, we can certainly live without plastics again.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m excited to be making this step together with you all.